Get Ready 453-28 Gowi Toys Stack and Sort Tower
Fun stack and sort tower features bright colors, friendly shapes and designs. 18 pieces, stacks 30" tall., plastic - 18m+Dimensions:Length/Depth:5.75Height:6.25Width: 6.25
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PRESSMAN TOYS PRE150512 Classic Tic Tac Toe Game
Includes ten sturdy plastic playing pieces brightly colored playing board and instructions. 2 players.Classroom supplies.Satisfaction Ensured.
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Sunny Toys GL3803 14 In. Prince, Glove Puppet
This Glove Puppet is 14 in. tall, fully costumed including shoes, and can accommodate adult-size hands. Hand goes in through bottom and up into head to work mouth. Two fingers may be used to move the arms.Features Glove Puppet -...
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Tedco Toys 12090 Jellyfish
Add Jellyfish to a bottle of clean water and perform amazing tricks! Magical Jellyfish will perform amazing hydrodynamic tricks! Just place in a bottle of clean water, squeeze the bottle and watch as Jellyfish spins and floats up and down....
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Tedco Toys 30741 Robot Bits Mindz Bizarre
Build your own Robots! Mix and match body parts to create your own unique robot! These supple and durable robot body pieces allow children to mix and match body parts to build our cool robot characters or create their own...
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Tedco Toys 32371-BAC Bio Signs Bacteria Model
Realistic model of a typical bacteria teaches how bacteria are formed and what it takes to get rid of them. This hands-on interactive model provides a magnified and cross-sectioned detailing of Bacteria. The bacteria model is able to be separated,...
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Tedco Toys 36211 Solar Chopper Connex Kit
Easy build-it-yourself chopper powered by the sun! Learn about solar energy and solar panels. Build your own army helicopter and have fun with the spinning and patrolling all powered by a solar panel! The Greenex Series is 100% battery-free eco...
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Tedco Toys 80788 Tornado Tube
Create exciting tornado action in a bottle! Two 2-liter bottles plus one tornado tube - one tornado in a bottle! Great hands-on tool for demonstration of vortex action. Bottles not included. Comes with complete instructions.
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Tedco Toys 90004 Fools Gold Dig Excavation Kit
Fool's gold is actually a brassy yellow mineral called pyrite. Dig your own fool's gold from the plaster treasure chest with this excavation kit! Age 5+.
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Tedco Toys MC1003 Magical Crystal - Amethyst Purple
Grow the amazing 2.75 in. wide crystal in this non-toxic, child-safe kit and then proudly display it in your room! Includes step by step instructions. Ages 14+.
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Tedco Toys WS16L Luxury Soap Factory
Using lab tools, molds, colors and professional 'pigment' and clear soaps, design your own fabulous soap sculptures, rainbow soap gifts, and gorgeous shapes embedded in crystal soap. All perfect for bath and shower time. Age 8+.
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Tedco Toys WS921 Build A Bracelet
Make up to 6 unique custom bracelets to suit you! Create moving, swirling, flowing effects or jiggling wriggling rainbow colors! Age 6+.
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